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Just a few short years ago it seemed as though everybody was renovating their old homes or building additions.  Sales and Marketing for everybody in the building industry was easy and you could enjoy success even without getting sales training.  Unfortunately, those easy sale days are over.  When the recession hit, many home builders and remodeling companies opened up handyman divisions within their company just so they could keep their people working and keep their doors open.  Suddenly the competition for handyman jobs became much more intense.  What used to be an easy-to-sell prospect became more difficult.

The current reality for HandyMan Companies is shockingly different.

There are far fewer buyers because people are letting repairs slide or just attempting to do it themselves – which hurts your sales volume.

The buyers that ARE buying are spending less (but expecting more) – which kills your profit margin.

All the projections for the near future point to more of the same – lower volume, slimmer margins.

So What’s a Handyman Company to Do?

You know you can’t just wish the buyers back.
You know you can’t just keep doing what you did back in the good old days – that doesn’t work anymore.

The Solution

Handyman Sales Training by Game Day Coaching

Handyman Marketing Training – Market Smarter with Less Expense
Handyman Sales Training – Good Salesmen are Artists…You need to have all the new home sales training, tips, tricks, and techniques to close more deals with less resistance.

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