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Getting Started

Most of us have made the mistake of reaching out to a web designer to help us design our new site. That’s actually the SECOND person you want to talk to. The first is a internet marketer.

Don’t know an internet marketer? No problem! Play the videos below to learn how to do it yourself.

Play The first video to show you where you need to be engaging your online visitors in their buying cycle.

Download the Transcript of the Video Here

Now that you’ve figured out how to make your web visitors click, find out the 3 things you need to accomplish to get them to call, email you back or stop by.

Play the video below to find out how to take a one way internet conversation and turn it into a sale

Download the Transcript of the Video Here

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Listen to the 2011 International Builder Show Program Unleashing the Sales Power of Your Website

You’ll also be able to download a copy of the power point and handout from the programMember Content

6 Steps to Transforming Your Website into a Lead Capture Machine

Use this tutorial and download to layout your own website marketing funnelMember Content

How to Get Your Office and Model Locations on Google Places

Use this 4 step process for getting your office and model locations listed on the first page of Google (and do it yourself!)Member Content

Sample Websites that Generate a Lot of Leads

Here’s a tutorial with 8 different home builder and remodeler websites and how they are generating leadsMember Content

Designing Your Internet Marketing Plan

Here’s how the 8 puzzle pieces of your internet marketing plan fit togetherMember Content

Blogging for Builders Overview

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This is the key blogging strategy I recommend to improve your sales by 10 – 30% in a one year period

How to create, edit, upload to YouTube and embed videos of your projects/homes using a Flip video recorder

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This walks you through the process beginning with setting up a YouTube channel and ending with embedding the video on your WordPress blog

Part II- Blogging for Builders

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Follow this link for the specific step-by-step strategy for Remodelers

Part III- Blogging for Builders

Member Content

Follow this link for the specific step-by-step strategy for Home Builders

Part IV- Blogging for Builders

Member Content

Here’s some more ideas for additional blog posts

Sample White Papers for Remodelers

Member Content

Here’s 4 samples of call-to-action white papers you can use to generate more leads from your website

How to Create a Website Home Page or Client Testimonial Video

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Your website’s home page is similar to your model home’s exterior. If it’s inviting, easy to navigate and relevant- your leads will come inside and you have an opportunity to capture them. A home page video set the tone for what they’re going to get if they dig a little deeper.


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