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How you advertise today is more critical than ever. Budgets are tight or in some cases non existent. Any mistakes can suck the life blood out of your marketing program.

The following two videos reveal the 9 areas of advertising I include with all my clients strategic marketing plans. The first video covers the first five advertising areas you need to be incorporating into your marketing plan…

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The second video covers the last 4 areas of your advertising plan and give you some parameters to follow when implementing them.

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12 Steps for Pulling off the Perfect Event

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Events are the Lifeblood of your advertising strategy. Use this tutorial for the can’t-miss process to pulling them off successfully.

Realtor Strategies for Remodelers

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Targeting Realtors for business isn’t just for builders. Here’s some solid strategies for Remodelers to generate some Realtor referrals.

An Overview of How to set up a Comprehensive Realtor Outreach Program for Home Builders

This is the detailed outline of your Realtor program. More specifics will be filled in below.

Step #1 for Setting up Your Realtor Outreach Program- Your VIP Program

This is the core of your outreach. It gives Realtors a reason to follow you and more importantly, bring you a deal!

Step #2 for Setting up Your Realtor Outreach Program- Finding the Top Selling Agents in Your Area

You want to take a “rifle” approach and identify the top 5 – 10% of the Realtors in your area, you know- the ones that are actually selling something.

Steps #’s 3 & 4 for Setting up Your Realtor Outreach Program- Establishing Your Top 10 Realtors

Your Top 10 Realtors are the agents in your local market that are MOST likely to bring you multiple deals. You’ll want to talk with them on the phone or face-to-face monthly.

Step #5 for Setting up Your Realtor Outreach Program- Events

Getting Realtors to your office, showroom or model home is easier said than done. Here’s my list of the top 3 types of events and the sure-fire strategy to follow to get them to show up!

How to plan, promote and capitalize on a pre-sold home or remodeling project open house

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This is by far the best way to generate new leads and re-engage fence sitters