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The Game Day Coaching Circle of Experts library is composed of previous webinars as they relate to internet marketing, architectural design and interior design and marketing. Click on any of the categories below to watch the webinar.


Web design/Lead Generation

Sales Tools (CRM, Follow-up systems)

Negotiation Strategies

Marketing Tools (PR, enewsletters)

Advertising (Online Organic Search Engine Optimization & paid SEO)

Sales Management

Social Media (how to use, part of marketing plan)

Copy-writing (how to write blog posts and web copy that deliver leads

Photography/Video (Equipment, How to tips, professionals vs. do-it-yourself)

Architectural Design (designing for life stages)

Web Design/Lead Generation

3/21/13 Webinar: Online Lead Generation for Builders: How to Create Web Traffic and Convert it to Leads

In this webinar we review the best ways to drive traffic to your virtual marketplace and convert it to leads. I reveal my favorite methods of generating traffic, how to set up your website to capture leads and the must-have content to keep people on your site and coming back for more.

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2/21/13 Webinar: How to Capture Online Leads and Convert them to Onsite Prospects

I document the Best Buy vs. battle and chronicle how to set up your own virtual marketplace, walking you step-by-step through the online lead to onsite prospect process. Rune demonstrates how to use Web Marketing Automation to manage and leverage your virtual marketplace.

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Rick Storlie, Scott Stroud of Builder Radio and Eric Cofield of Builder 1440 give you the keys to Unleashing the Sales Power of Your Website

Sales Tools

4/25/13 webinar The Perfect Pricing Paradigm: How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes when Presenting Pricing to a Prospect

In this webinar we break down the 5 most common mistakes that lead to a lost sale or low margin when presenting pricing:

  1. Pricing too quickly
  2. Not understanding the lead source correlation to timing when you present a price
  3. How to weed out prospects using you to confirm a competitor’s price
  4. Not getting paid to price
  5. Using the wrong format

Double click the video below to make it full screen. Click here to download a copy of the slides > >

11/29/12 webinar Case study Results Revealed: How and When to Present Pricing so More of Your Prospects Buy from You

Rune and I show results from a home builder and remodeler who are able to track the online engagement of their leads and prospects. I show how the builders are using the information to adjust their pricing presentation based on what they know about their prospects.

Double click the video below to make it full screen. Click here to download a copy of the slides > >

5/24/12 webinar Tablets, Texting and Telephones: 3 Simple Tech Strategies for Streamlining the Design/Build Sales Process

My partner Rune Haugsoen and I break down the process of converting a phone or online lead into an onsite prospect leveraging technology tools available today.

Download the slides from the webinar here

6/21/12 webinar Tablets, Texting and Telephones: 4 Builder Tech Strategies for Converting More Prospects to Buyers

This is Part II of our 5/24/12 webinar where we pick up where we left off- the initial meeting with the prospect. On this webinar we discuss…

  • Utilizing Online Surveys to collect information about your prospects
  • WordPress as an information delivery tool
  • Tracking prospect engagement between meetings
  • Utilizing tablets- when, how and why

Download the slides from the webinar here

Eric Cofield of Buildtopia/Builder 1440 discusses the “must-haves” in any builder’s CRM program.

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John Wenner of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute reveals 12 Elements to Leveling the Negotiation Playing Field with Today’s New Home and Remodeling Buyers

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Marketing Tools

10/18/12 Webinar: How to Remove ‘What’s Your Price-Per-Square-Foot’ from Your Buyer’s Vocabulary (and 3 Other Value Creating Strategies)

Click here to download a copy of the audio webinar (note: The first 25 minutes of the webinar didn’t get recorded & the video didn’t work either- sorry!)

Click here to download the slides > >

This is a webinar with Hallmark Homes of Utah and NIH Homes of Minnesota. Each builder is sharing how they’ve revamped their marketing to “beat buyers at their own game.” Chris Knudsen of Hallmark and Jeremy Skogquist of NIH Homes offer some great real world examples of what they’re doing and also share how it has affected their sales and margins.


Below is the webinar recording for The Remodelers Ultimate Marketing System with myself and Keven St. Clergy of Clients Delivered. This is packed with tons of good information on the 7 step process to a “modern” marketing plan. You can download the free e-guide The #1 Sales Killer here > >

This is the May 5th, 2011 Webinar with Jens Rhoades on how to dominate your local builder competitors using Google Places

Here’s the link for Jen’s Game Day Coaching Google Places Domination offer>>

Sales Management

5/23/13 Webinar White Hot Referral Strategies: 3 Easy-to-Implement Tactics to Leveraging More Leads from Your Network

Click Here to Download the Slides > >

8/23/12 Webinar Gold, Silver or Bronze: 4 Steps to Creating an Olympic Caliber Sales Process

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Below is a recording of Shay’s presentation Clearing Away the Fog: 5 Simple, Streamlined Audio and Video Secrets for Builders. Pay particular attention to the sections on branded vs. unbranded videos and how to use DVD’s in your sales process.

Social Media

12/20/12 Webinar Case Study Results Revealed: 3 Real World Strategies for Generating Leads on Facebook and Turning them into Buyers

Starr Tingle from Sanctuary Homes returns to discuss how she’s using facebook to generate trackable leads and buyers. The discussion includes incorporating her clients sphere of influence, events and a rewards program to stimulate more high converting referral leads.

Double click the video to make it full screen. You can download the slides here > >

7/19/12 Webinar 3 Breakthrough Event Strategies for Converting Cold Leads to Hot Buyers

Starr Tingle from Sanctuary Homes and Marti Scharbach from Pratt Remodeling an me break down how to incorporate events into your sales process. Lots of great ideas including simple strategies for building your presence on Facebook.

Click here to download the slides form the webinar


Architectural Design






Do you struggle with writing copy for your website, newsletter or blog?

Maybe you’d like to start a blog but don’t have the time or expertise to make regular blog posts that are effective. Have no fear- Jennifer Brown and Kelly Bristow from Tribal Blogs are here! Below are their EXCLUSIVE blog packages for Game Day Coaching members only.

Below is a recording of the March 24th, 2011 Webinar Blogging Strategies for Builders: 7 Sure-fire Tactics for Making the Internet Work for You with Jennifer Brown and Kelly Bristow of Tribal Blogs.