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What About Women?

Consider this…

  • “Women initiate 80% of all home-improvement purchase decisions, especially when it comes to big-ticket orders like kitchen cabinets, flooring and bathrooms.” (Forbes, 2003).
  • “Women directly purchase or have controlling influence in the purchase of 91% of all new homes.” (Smith-Dahmer Associates, NAHB IBS).
  • “95% of all construction companies are owned by men.” (NAHB).

If you’re a home builder or remodeler, or sell for one, you WANT to pay attention to these 5 buying stages. Play Part I of the video below…

Download the Transcript of the Video Here

Part II: Now that you understand a woman’s buying process, here’s a simple idea you can implement into your home building or remodeling sales process today! Play the video below to see how…

Download the Transcript of the Video Here

Members Content

Attention Members- Please watch, download and implement the bonuses in chronological order!

60 Day Trial Bonus #1

Defining Value as it Relates to Your Buyer

Member Content

The key to attracting buyers is understanding what they value and then positioning your company to offer it better than any of your competitors

60 Day Trial Bonus #2

Defining and Appealing to Different Types of Psychographic Profiles

Member Content

There are 2 groups of consumers that build and remodel homes. This is what you need to do to appeal to either one

60 Day Trial Bonus #3

Principal vs Status Oriented Consumers

Member Content

A side by side comparison of what appeals as it relates to neighborhoods, home design and merchandising your models

60 Day Trial Bonus #4

How to Build Your Target Market Profile

Member Content

This tool will show you where to find the information and define the demographics of your target market so your offering will fit like a leather glove

60 Day Trial Bonus #5

Adjust Your Offering to Appeal to Your Target Market

Member Content

If you’ve lost a sale or had a tough time selling a model or spec home this tool will help you analyze and determine your weak points

60 Day Trial Bonus #6

How to Determine What to Sell and Where to Sell it

Member Content

This simple tool will take the guess work out of “What should I build, where should I build it and how much can I sell it for?”

How to use MLS Data to Predict Current and Future Sales

A spreadsheet and video tutorial for simple MLS metrics which will help you predict how much you can sell your homes for and the future viability of a micro market.

60 Day Trial Bonus #7

Position Your Offering as a Value in the Eyes of Your Target Market

Member Content

Make sure you are using 1 of these 9 strategies to position your offering as a better value against your competitors

60 Day Trial Bonus #8

You’ve Got the Information- Now What?

Member Content

Use this form to put all your finding together so you can move forward with your plan

60 Day Trial Bonus #9

Do You Build it or do You Punt?

Member Content

This is a great tool for salespeople to quickly and easily summarize information and make recommendations for building the next model or inventory home

Creating your target market “Tarket”

Member Content

This is a trick marketers use to make all of their marketing and advertising campaigns more effective. I’ve added a very detailed example for you too

Home Builder & Remodeler Sales & Marketing Plan Template

Member Content

Here is a MODERN plan you can use to layout how you’ll accomplish your sales goals. It comes with video tutorials and links to other resources you can use to put together a realistic  and attainable plan.

Salesperson Annual Sales Goal Template

Member Content

Use this for set sales goals and track results each month of the year

The 3 Core Components to Increasing Margins through your Marketing Plan

Member Content

This video and downloadable tutorial give you a birds eye view for setting up and executing the core of your marketing plan- Marketing Funnel, Relevancy and Value Creation.