“Welcome to The New Normal”

Dear Home Builder and/or Remodeling Professional,

This was one of the headlines on a recent cover of Realtor® magazine. Since 2005 everything has changed.

Your market has changed…

Your buyers have changed…

Your margins have changed…

What we thought was a “normal” market from 2001 – 2005, well, it simply was not.

The New Normal

On July 1st of 2010, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) published a report called “Profile of the Typical Single-Family Builder in 2009.” The results were telling of what has happened since 2005.

Did you know…

  • 45% of single-family builders also remodel
  • 89% build 99 homes or less a year and 73% build 10 homes or less a year
  • 1% of builders build more than 500 homes per year
  • 96% of single-family builder members produce $14.9 million or less in annual dollar volume and 46% produce less than $1 million annually

Today, the mid-sized builder is gone. Either you’re very big and probably getting bigger. OR, you’re surviving by being small.

As I read this report I asked myself…

“Why is it that nearly every associate company

within NAHB develops their sales and marketing

services and products for the ‘Big Boys?'”

I’m sure you’ve been frustrated trying to find sales training or marketing services specifically for small volume custom/semi-custom home builders and design/build remodeling.

Services like…

  • Sales training that doesn’t rely on having a bevy of specs or possibly even a model
  • Marketing strategies designed for small firms on a budget
  • Online web design, search engine optimization and social media strategies that are EASY to follow and you can update
  • A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that won’t break the bank and can be modified for your needs
  • Cutting edge Architectural Design and Interior Merchandising ideas that differentiate your offering

Here’s the bottom line…

YOU, the small volume home builder and remodeler

are THE backbone of the housing market. And you

CAN grow your volume AND margins- even in this

economy. You just need a PROVEN strategy and

system to do it.

It’s about time somebody paid attention to what you need to sell in today’s housing market. My name is Rick Storlie and I decided to do just that.

I’d like to introduce you to Game Day Coaching. If you haven’t watched our video “What is Game Day Coaching?” I encourage you to do that now. If you have, scroll down the page to watch some different videos explaining how Game Day Coaching works and what you can expect to get out of it.

Happy Selling!

Rick Storlie, President & Founder – New Home Sales Coach, LLC

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What You get with Game Day Coaching…

This is a quick overview of the ground breaking new program to help home builders and remodelers sell more homes and remodeling services

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-Mark Williams, Mark D Williams Custom Homes

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Here are the 8 Sales and Marketing Categories in the Game Day Coaching Online Tool Chest…

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The 2 Focus Areas of the Game Day Coaching Monthly Insider Expert Mastermind Training

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