How Much Can you Increase Your Margins,

Leads and Sales…in 66 Days?

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Marketing Phase– How much can you increase your margins?

Week 1- Who is my IDEAL prospect/buyer?

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Identifying the demographics & psychographics of your target market

Week 2- Why would a prospect buy from my company?

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Describe how you’re different in 1 sentence

Week 3- Why would a prospect feel my company is relevant & different in today’s market?

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What do you do that none of your competitors do? Your positioning statement answers the question, “How do you do that?”

Week 4- Why don’t I have more leads

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Are you using all 8 strategies to generate a steady stream of leads ready to buy from you?

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Week 5- Why would a lead come back to my website?

Here’s two separate video tutorials, one for remodelers and one for home builders, on the specific content you need to get prospects coming back to your website.

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Week 6- Why aren’t more leads leaving their contact information with me?

This is an insider’s look at how to begin a relationship with a prospect either onsite or online. Lots of examples specific to home builders and remodelers.

Week 7- Why can’t I get more of my prospects to sit down and meet with me?

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What you say and do in the first couple of minutes after you meet a prospect will directly correlate to getting an appointment and/or collecting contact information.

Week 8- Why aren’t I converting more prospects into plan deposits and purchase agreements?

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What “path” are you leading your prospects down? Is it filled with unknowns and uncertainty? Use this sales process to build confidence and better prices.

Week 9- Why aren’t my clients sending me more referrals?

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This strategy will create a “referable” experience every time and show you how to systematize your referral process (both client and business sphere referrals).

Week 10- I’m done with the challenge. Now what?

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Here are my personal recommendations on what to focus on first to receive the most impact from all the strategies you’ve received.